Get Dressed for Success: Put on Your Victory Clothes!


Successful dress requires wearing attire that suits the occasion. It is necessary to dress appropriate for the occasion.  In this case, we must dress for the victory!   As we endeavor into this short series, I want to start with what we should not wear.  Afterward, we will find out what to wear.  This series is by no means a teaching to belittle anyone, but hopefully, prayerfully to help anyone, everyone or someone. This series will remain short and simple.


What Not to Wear

·         Garment of Jealousy

·         Garment of Pettiness

·         Garment of Anger

·         Garment of Bitterness

·         Garment of Envy


What to Wear

·         Garment of Praise

·         Garment of Worship

·         Garment of Thanksgiving

·         Garment of Peace

·         Garment of Joy

·         Garment of Righteousness


Too often we blame the enemy for all of our shortcomings, but yet we allow difficulties and differences to interrupt the blessings God has for us.  In this series, if we would dress accordingly, we will live victorious lives every day, even as we suffer for righteousness sake. We will praise, worship offer thanksgiving, walk in peace, live in joy, and live righteous before a righteous King.