Together we stand to share responsibilities of the ministry as we lead Kings and Priests to their destiny in God!


Kingdom Connected Ministries International, Inc.; formerly and respectively known as the Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. Is a ministry that  supports the building of strong families, strengthening our Community, and building Kingdom Partnerships.

The Pastors of this Ministry are Apostle Debra and Elder Kenneth Harris. Together they share responsibilities of the ministry to lead Kings and Priests to their destiny in God. They work as a team to expose the devices of the enemy as God desires to use marriage, as an be example of the Church. They have continued in faith to lead a small congregation of people to believe strongly in the finished work of Christ.

Looking always to the Hills from whence comes their help, they look forward to the day when God will enlarge our territory as we are an example to others applying the principles of faith (believing, trusting and waiting on God for our set time). God has shown Himself mighty in the days of small beginnings.  These are the days of teaching and preparation for the harvest to come.

They were blessed to receive valuable training from their former Pastor, Rev. Dr. W.J Buchanan. They were trained and taught to be an example of what they preached and witnessed to others. Their hearts are continually bent towards God for such an awesome man and woman of God.

Apostle Debra Harris received additional training in seminary school at Luther Rice University in Lithonia, Georgia; where she has earned two Master’s degree in Divinity and Leadership. She completed her studies in Guidance Counseling from the University of West Alabama; in Livingston, Alabama.

In their present ministry they are blessed to have their daughters Kelly Nicole Harris and Amber Latrice Harris, pioneers of the ministry, work so close with us in caring out our purpose in Christ. They are continuing to work in the ministry allowing God to use them in the music ministry, as well as the children’s ministry.

They are truly blessed to have a good foundation of people to build on. Together they are letting God’s Glory to be shown as we wait patiently for Him to manifest Himself in a mighty way.