Welcome to Our Ministry Website

Kingdom Connected Ministries International, Inc. formerly and respectivley known as The Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. is a ministry that supports the building of strong families, strengthening of the community, and the building of the kingdom partnerships. We are blessed that God directed you to our Church website and we hope that you are blessed by what God is doing through us and our ministry.

"Building Strong Families and Even Stronger Futures"

"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven" Matthew 6:10


Strengthening the family

God is for the family unit. Families are a big part of our community. When the family unit is damaged, the community is damaged. We believe that if the family is whole and strengthened through Christ, they are capable of being a strong pillar to the community and be an asset to the Body of Christ  

Strengthening the community

We make up a huge part of our local community. We believe that communities are what's vital and necessary to the world at large. We believe that if we share the love of Christ to our fellow community members, we have helped to grow the Body of Christ one soul at a time.

Building Kingdom Partnerships

We are small part of the Body of Christ and we believe in the necessity of working together as one for one collective purpose, winning souls. Building Kingdom Partnerships is a sure way to unite the Body of Christ while helping to fulfill the great commission. 

Ministry Vision 

To enlighten, engage and empower kingdom citizens.


Ministry Mission 

Our Mission is to equip men and women, boys and girls for kingdom living.

Our goals:

  • To offer an environment conducive for the Holy Spirit to reign and move in His own way for spiritual and physical change.
  • To provide biblical teaching and training for kingdom living, wholesome marriages, healthy families, wholesome communities for every day successful living as kings and priests in the earth.
  • To teach parents to be wholesome, nourishing, and loving parents, as God has admonished them to be for their children.
  • To offer a place of confidentiality, assurance and bold faith in God.
  • To provide an atmosphere for sound teaching, demonstration and activation of God’s Word.
  • To be a church that will offer different ministries to meet the needs of the people of all races and nationalities, as a part of the Kingdom of God.

Affirmation of Faith 

In one God, one faith and one baptism.

·         In the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, God the holy Spirit.

·         The Word of God is infallible and Holy Spirit inspired.

·         The Holy Spirit is the Administrator in the earth for true Kingdom living.

·         In the first and second coming of Christ, the tribulation, and the Millennial reign of Christ.

·         God is alive and active through His Word.

·         In the first fruit, tithing/offering and seed sowing.

·         The ministry gifts are for of mankind (including women), and are irrevocable. Ephesians 4:11

·         In the totality of the scriptures; as they are good for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.