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Dear Applicant,

We are excited that you desire to continue your education in the upcoming school year at the college or university of your choice. It is our desire to award students who wish to continue their education, but need extra financial assistance to do so.  Along with your application we ask that you provide three or more letters of recommendation for reference purposes. Please email those letters of recommendation to the following email address (info.kingdomconnected@gmail.com) with the following subject heading. For Example: Danielle Morrison_Letters of Recommendation_Newnan High School. If you have been accepted to the schools of your choice provide a copy of your acceptance letter(s) (Please send to the same email address listed above). Use the following for your subject heading. For Example: Subject- Danielle Morisson_Acceptance Letter_CALU. This helps to ensure your application is not lost or separated from you scholarship application. Make sure your documents are submitted in PDF format. Please keep in mind that we will need to verify your acceptance before you receive your scholarship. In your own words write a 150-200-word essay describing your future career goals and what you wish you accomplish. Recipients of the Scholarship will have one year after receiving the scholarship to attend the school of their choice. After one year your scholarship is considered null and void and another applicant will be chosen. We wish you the best and much success.





Pastors Debra and Kenneth Harris

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