Ministry Connections


We Can Help International Ministries and Churches

The ministry consists of Churches and ministries strategically located in different states, cities and across the globe. This ministry was conceiving in 2007 under the leadership of Apostle Debra Harris and CEO, Miles Branscomb Sr. Her mission is to a conduit for blessings to God’s people.

Summit Ministries, Inc.

This ministry was God breathe and God ordained to bring unity in the Body of Christ with different ministries and Churches. It consists of five or more ministries working cooperatively together for Kingdom building.


Apostolic Churches and Ministry Covering

The Apostolic Church covering is designed and ordained of God to be a spiritual covering for sons and daughters, churches, ministries and kingdom business.

Kingdom Entrepreneurship

·         Rhema Christian Academy

·         Anna Senior Citizen

·         Kingdom Community Center

·         Ezra Ranch and Training Center.